Adoption/Rescue Trailer

Adoption/Rescue Trailer

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The 6' x 14' model is a favorite with smaller departments and organizations. It is small enough to be towed with almost any mid to full size pickup, van or SUV. It will carry up to 12 animals and is small and lightweight enough for ease of handling. The trailer lends a professional look to any organization and is large enough to draw attention to your location.

The 7' x 18' model is our best seller. It is able to be towed with any full size pickup, van, or SUV. The size of the trailer allows for transportation of up to 22 animals in separate cages, while it is still maneuverable. The 7' body width means that standard rear view mirrors are generally all this is needed to be able to travel safely. The trailer is also large enough to command attention when it is setup in a parking lot or at a county fair.

The 8' x 24' model is the largest standard model. Larger trailers are available on a custom basis. The 8' x 24' model requires a 3/4 ton pickup for towing and is an excellent choice for larger organizations. The trailer can accommodate up to 45 animals in separate compartments. It has a larger generator and dual air conditioning. Awnings for viewing the animals, located on both sides of the trailer, allow for a much larger flow of traffic. The size of the 8' x 24' model also makes it an excellent choice for rescue and evacuation situations.

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All steel framework with white aluminum exterior skin.

Tandem axles with electric brakes and steel belt radial tires, including spare tire.

Heavy Duty rear ramp gate, spring assisted closing, non slip aluminum tread plate surface.

Fully insulated body, 7’ inside ceiling height.

Stainless steel inner wall lining, white vinyl ceiling.

110 volt fluorescent lighting and 12 volt DC lighting.

Built in 4800 watt Generac brand generator with external 20 gallon fuel tank.

13,500 BTU Carrier brand roof mount air conditioner with 5600 BTU heater.

Stainless steel cabinet with stainless steel sink, 12 volt DC pressure pump.

20 gallon fresh water holding tank.

25 gallon waste water holding tank.

RV style dump valve for waste water holding tank.

Additional pressurized water outlet under cabinet for standard garden hose connection.

2 solid awnings on curb side of trailer raise and lock in position to allow easy viewing of pets through a plexiglass wall.

12 volt DC exhaust fan, roof mount, 965cfm capacity.

Exterior wall vents allow for air circulation in mild weather.

25’ shoreline to allow electrical hookup to standard household 110 volt receptacle.

11 animal compartments, expandable to 12 compartments with removable dividers.

All animal compartments have stainless steel floors, ceilings and permanent divider walls.

Wash out drains built into all animal compartments to allow easy clean up.

Waste water is drained into the 25 gallon waste tank for dumping at a later time.

Rear stabilizer jacks allow the trailer to be leveled when parked.

Electrical system includes inside and outside receptacles.

+Available Options

"7000 watt Onan Generator / Required for Systems with 2 Air Conditioners and Water Heaters $1,354.00
Additional 13,500 BTU Carrier air conditioner with 5600 BTU heater $1,075.00
Additional Reserve Batteries, priced each $189.00
Roll Up Awning, Driver's Side of Trailer, 16' long $970.00
Exterior 12 Volt LED Flood Lights $174.00ea
Exterior 110 Volt Flood Lights $189.00ea
Exterior 12 Volt Flood Lights $79.00ea
RV Style Side Door, 30" wide $395.00
Electric Tongue Jack $375.00
Water Heater, 6 gal, Requires 7000 watt Generator option with 2 Air Conditioners $415.00
Storage Bench with Padded Top, 7' long x 12" wide x 16"tall $440.00
Additional Stainless Steel Cabinets P.O.R.
16' x 4' Remote Controlled Roof Mounted Fold Up Sign Boards $3,975.00
Different Animal Compartment Configurations P.O.R
Front Surgery Room in 24' Trailer P.O.R

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