Animal Control Dog Box

Animal Control Dog Box


Our 2 Stall Animal Control Box is designed to allow even the smallest municipality or organization to safely transport animals. It also provides an extra margin of safety for the animal control officer.

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Gloss White Aluminum Outer Skin Fully Welded Aluminum Framework 48" (Wide) X 36" (Deep) X 32" (Tall)

Stainless Steel Door Hardware

Removable Rubber Floor Mats

Large Doors Allow Easy Access

Large Vents for Excellent Air Flow

+Available Options

Stainless Steel Outer Skin $279.00

Full Insulation with Stainless Steel Inner Liner $525.00

Aluminum Safety Bar Doors $290.00 each

965 cfm 12 Volt Exhaust Fan $366.00

100 cfm 12 Volt Exhaust Fan $205.00

Aluminum Side Handles $80.00 per pair