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Jones Trailer Company canine crates are available for a wide variety of vehicles including sedans, sport utility, and pickup trucks. Our crates are manufactured with welded aluminum framing and stainless steel inside skins. The crates come with removable floor pans for easy clean-out and constructed with strength for the safety of your pet in case of accidents. While our crates are extremely strong and durable they remain light weight and easy to load. Whether your using our crates to hunt, train, or just travel we are confident that you will be pleased with our crates.

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2 Side Drawers @ 28" Long $1,420
3 Side Drawers @ 28" Long $1,875
2 Side Drawers @ 30" Long $1,500
3 Side Drawers @ 30" Long $1,977
2 Side Drawers @ 36" Long $1,570
3 Side Drawers @ 36" Long $2,278
47" Wide Under Drawer $2,028