Slide-In Unit

Slide-In Unit

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Jones Trailer Company Slide-In Units provide a very economical way for your department to provide professional services and create community good-will. Slide-In Units cost approximately 1/3 of the price of a comparable Chassis Mount body. All Jones Slide-In Units are designed to be installed on standard 1/2 ton pickups and smaller trucks to increase your fuel economy. We invite you to compare our animal control products with others on the market. Our slide-in units have their own self-contained floors and do not rely on the truck bed to contain the animals.

Bed Length:
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+ Features

All Aluminum Construction
Full Length Aluminum Door Hinges
Locking "T" Handle Door Latches
Aluminum, Heavy Duty Adjustable Door Vents
Pop-Up Roof Vents to Aid Ventilation
Rear Stalls Have Inner Safety Bar Doors
Storage Area Has Interior Lights, Carpet Floor and Equipment Hooks
All Compartments Have a Self Contained Aluminum Floor
Easy Wash Out Design
Does Not Use Truck Bed as Part of the Cages
Uncompromising Jones Trailer Co. Quality

+ Available Options

"Stainless Steel Outer Skin $610.00
Stainless Steel Inner Skin & Floor, per stall $210.00
Stainless Steel Door Hinges $75.00
Stainless Steel Door Latches, each $22.00
Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats, per stall $35.00
100 cfm 12 volt Exhaust Fan $189.00
965 cfm 12 volt Exhaust Fan $289.00
Insulation (per stall) 1 thick with Aluminum Inner Skin $104.00
Partition Gates between Stalls, each $82.00
Removable Divider between Rear Stalls $144.00
Side Stalls Safety Bar Doors, each $187.00
Interior Lights, each $36.00
Rear Flood Lights, each $79.00
Truck Engine Powered Air Conditioner $1,625.00
Heater $480.00
Amber Strobe Light, each $200.00
Back Up Alarm $84.00
Installation with Air Conditioner and/or Heater $700.00
Installation without Air Conditioner and/or Heater $300.00
Gas Charged Struts on Outer Doors, each $52.00
Rear Stalls Cafe Style Safety Doors, each $115.00
LED Interior Stall Lights, each (requires Insulation Opt.) $120.00