Model A Dog Box

Model A Dog Box


Model "A" is a specialized two compartment dog box that will allow the use of ice to keep the dogs cool in extremely hot weather.  This box is an excellent choice for either hot or cold weather.  It has large stalls and full insulation for the total comfort of your dogs.  Twin exhaust fans and floor mats are also designed to keep your dog cool and comfortable.  We have manufactured this box for over 25 years and it has seen extensive service with Law Enforcement agencies from coast to coast.

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"1" aluminum frame, fully welded Stainless Steel inner and outer skin
Box size is 48" wide x 48" deep x 40" tall
2 compartments, each 28" tall x 23" wide x 46" deep
Two 12 volt exhaust fans, 100 cfm each
Top storage aree with carpet and gas strut to hold lid open
Top storage area measures 46" wide x 22" x 6"deep
Ice tray with fan and interior circulating fan
Stainless Steel door hinges and latches
Rubber floor mats
Fully insulated with 1" of polyisocyanurate